Secret Santa is a gift initiative by The Big Book Box where you purchase a gift packet (with one book and some goodies along with a Christmas message) that reaches you in time for Christmas. It is NOT a book box but a simply wrapped gift with goodies that are a Christmas present to you. The idea is to ensure that everyone from the community has something from the reading community under their Christmas tree. You drop a message that is sent to another bookworm and another reader drops a message that reaches you. The value of the gift you receive always equal or higher than the amount you paid for it.

It’s like a gift you buy for yourself, so if you are buying it for someone else and adding their address to checkout, make sure you mention in the message that it is a gift for your friend. If you are buying one for yourself, just drop a nice message for the random person who will receive it and we will send their message to you.


Secret Santa will be shipped between 17-20th December so that it reaches by Christmas. 

Next Opening - Dec the 1 2020